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Aerial photography and video in FotoSkoda

I will talk about the basics of flying with drones, what all can be achieved, safety and and of course will help you to choose a right aircraft for you. You will also hear about my beginnings and especially personal experience with flying.  

Come on saturday 21.2 to FotoSkoda and learn something new.

You can log in here: http://www.fotoskoda.cz/letecka-fotografie-a-video


15 . February. 2015

Discussion about drone photography and video in FotoSkoda

Whether know something about drones, or thinking about buying them, come visit us on 27. 10. 2014 to FotoSkoda. Me and Petr Jan Juracka will help you in selecting drone for photography or video and we will talk about our experiences and mistakes, especially what to be careful about. We will also talk about the law and safety.

You can log in here: http://www.fotoskoda.cz/553-letecka-fotografie-a-video-z-vrtulniku-rizenych-radiem/


10 . October. 2015

GoPro handhald gimbal Poise Swiftcam G2 - sample video

I had a chance to borrow a handheld stabilizer for a GoPro cameras and I was very surprised with the results.

What is SwiftCam G2

Swiftcam is designed to enhance the video quality of your GoPro footage. The handheld gimbal uses brushless motors to stabilize your GoPro with built-in 2-axis gyro...

24 . March. 2014

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